Australia Post eParcel Shipping and Tracking

Koi's partnership with Australia Post provides a streamlined shipping solution for businesses, facilitating easy parcel delivery both domestically and internationally.

Koi ♥ Australia Post

Australia Post is a leader in business and e-commerce shipping within Australia. As a partner, Koi simplifies the shipping process for both large and small businesses. This includes tracking, shipping, and managing orders bound for Australia, from the initial picking and packing to directly printing Australia Post shipping labels from your orders. Koi's automated systems ensure efficient handling of your shipping needs.

Features Supported by Koi's Australia Post Integration

Shipping & Tracking

Koi's integration offers straightforward shipping and tracking within Australia. It includes batch printing of Australia Post labels and on-the-go order tracking, streamlining your shipping operations. Fulfill all your logistics needs: lodge orders, print labels, dispatch parcels, and track them from origin to destination seamlessly.

Australia Post Shipping Labels & Batch Printing

Efficiently print Australia Post labels directly from your order queues, lodge and dispatch parcels, and automatically provide updates with Australia Post tracking.

Domestic & International Shipping for Businesses

Koi and Australia Post offer seamless domestic and international shipping solutions, catering to both emerging and established businesses. Our domestic shipping options are designed to save time and reduce costs when shipping across Australia.

Contract Rates

Shipping labels created with Koi will use your contracted rates with Australia Post.

About Australia Post

For over 200 years, Australia Post has been the leading parcel and logistics provider in Australia. They offer comprehensive freight, express, courier, and international supply chain solutions. Direct integration of domestic order tracking with your Koi account ensures safe and timely delivery.

StarTrack Products

Koi has enhanced its integration with Australia Post's StarTrack services, which are tailored for e-commerce parcel deliveries. Features include an easy online booking service, real-time tracking, and electronic Proof of Delivery. Their extensive network ensures delivery to every home and business in Australia, enabling you to expand your business with confidence.