Quick answers to common questions about Koi

Does Koi work with Shopify?

Yes! Koi works with Shopify, Etsy, and other sales channels. We'll sync it all.

Does Koi work with Auspost MyPost Business and eParcel?

Koi can create shipping labels for your Auspost MyPost Business and eParcel accounts.

Can Koi mark my orders as fulfilled on my sales channels and send tracking information?

Koi can mark your orders as fulfilled on your sales channels and send tracking information.

How does Koi take photos of my line items when I'm creating a shipping label?

Koi uses off-shore child labour to take photos of your line items when you're creating a shipping label. No, we use a webcam.

Can I use Koi's CRM to manage my customer relationships?

Yes! Koi's CRM is the best in the business. It will help you manage your customer relationships.

Is Koi's AI sentient?

Yes! Koi's AI is sentient. It will take over the world.

Can I create PDF invoices with Koi?

Yes! Koi can create PDF invoices for your orders. It can also create packing slips.

Is Koi only a Shopify integration tool?

No, Koi is not limited to Shopify. It can operate as a standalone ecommerce management system, managing warehouse, fulfillment, and customer communications without needing Shopify. It also integrates with custom systems and supports both B2C and B2B models.

Does Koi include payment processing functionalities?

Yes, Koi integrates with payment gateways like Stripe for processing payments. While Stripe's standard fees apply, Koi does not charge additional transaction fees.

What kind of integrations does Koi offer?

Koi provides integration points for customer, inventory, and sales order management. It allows for import/export from various systems, including Shopify, and offers tools for shipping, barcode scanning, and warehouse management.

Can Koi replace multiple Shopify apps?

Yes, Koi can replace a bunch of Shopify apps, potentially saving costs on app subscriptions. It bundles functionalities similar to ShipStation, Syncio, Barcode Man, QuoteMachine, and Invoice Hero.

Does Koi support physical in-person sales?

Koi can handle in-person sales a dedicated POS system for physical storefronts is coming soon.