Rooting for the Ecommerce Underdogs

In the ecommerce ring, it's the battlers who really show what they're made of. Overshadowed but never outperformed by the big box stores, these gritty merchants are rewriting the playbook with a personal touch and a knack for innovation. Koi is a salute to these gutsy entrepreneurs, showcasing that in the grand marketplace down under, they're not just making up the numbers but leading the charge, transforming obstacles into victories.

We’re rooting for the Ecommerce Underdogs
The business world may be enamoured with the Amazons and eBays, the behemoths of online retail with their vast inventories and global reach.

That's their arena.

Our passion lies with the spirited underdogs of ecommerce—the independent merchants carving out their niche against the odds. These are the true warriors of the industry, the spirited local shops and online sellers dotting the Australian landscape, who embody the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Running a boutique shop with a handful of dedicated team members? You're exactly who we admire. A solo entrepreneur steering your ship through the waters of online commerce? We've got your back. A growing operation with a close-knit team? You epitomise what we call 'Small and Mighty'—and we're thrilled to support you.

Being smaller in the world of retail giants is not a disadvantage. It's a badge of agility, personal touch, and quality over quantity.

Reject being the backdrop
Major ecommerce platforms showcase small merchants as mere numbers, a backdrop to the big-ticket clients they actually covet. You're not a stepping stone to their success; you're the heart of your own. Don't let the giants use your success as bait.

While the large platforms bleed funds chasing after the largest players, you’re quietly succeeding, proving that efficiency and personal service can coexist with profitability. Why follow the lead of companies in a constant state of financial catch-up? Trusting them with your business is like seeking navigation tips from a captain who’s never sailed.

Your Tools, Your Triumphs
Unlike them, you understand the value of each dollar, the importance of each customer, the significance of each sale. We're here to enhance that understanding with tools that are forged in the fires of small business needs.

With our platform, you don't just survive—you stand out. Our commitment is to provide you with the support that matches your passion and hard work. Our system is built to reflect the efficiency and effectiveness that small businesses like yours deserve.

In Your Corner, Always
We are an independent entity, just like you. No investors, no board, no external pressures—just a relentless drive to create a product that serves the real heroes of ecommerce. We stand for reliability, independence, and for the last 23 years, we’ve thrived on it, just as you have.

Choosing our platform is an investment in your vision, your team, and your future. We're in this to showcase what the underdogs of ecommerce can achieve—with us as your steadfast ally.

Let's stand together.

Thank you for considering Koi. Feel free to reach out to me anytime if you have questions or just want to talk shop. Your journey is our journey, and I can’t wait to see where we go together.

Marcus Schappi
Co-founder & Fellow Merchant