What is Dimensional Weight?

Dimensional weight is a pricing technique used by shipping carriers that takes into account the package's volume (size) in addition to its actual weight. It ensures that large but lightweight packages are priced fairly based on the space they occupy in delivery vehicles.

Dimensional Weight Calculator (Metric)


  • Dimensional Weight:
  • Actual Weight:
  • Billable Weight:

Key Points of Dimensional Weight

  • Takes into account package volume and actual weight
  • Ensures fair pricing for large, lightweight packages
  • Calculated by (Length x Width x Height in cm) / Divisor
  • Common divisor for metric calculations is 5000
  • Billable weight is the greater of dimensional weight or actual weight

Why Dimensional Weight Matters

  • Helps carriers maximize the use of cargo space
  • Encourages efficient packaging practices
  • Can significantly impact shipping costs for e-commerce businesses
  • Affects profitability of free shipping offers
  • Influences decisions on product packaging and shipping methods

Strategies for Optimizing Dimensional Weight

  • Use appropriate box sizes to minimize empty space
  • Consider using poly mailers for soft goods
  • Invest in a box-cutting machine for custom-sized boxes
  • Regularly review and update product packaging
  • Train staff on the importance of efficient packaging
  • Compare rates across carriers, as divisors may vary
  • Consider flat-rate shipping options for consistently heavy items
  • Use packaging materials that provide protection without adding significant volume
  • Negotiate with carriers for better dimensional weight divisors
  • Regularly audit shipping practices to identify optimization opportunities
  • Be aware of size and weight limits for different shipping services