Four Reasons to Ship with Poly Mailers

Discover four key reasons to choose poly mailers for your shipping needs.
Updated on Thursday, July 4, 2024
Shipping items in boxes can be a hassle, especially if they're not fragile. If you sell non-fragile items online, do you really need to ship them in big boxes? One way to save money is to use poly mailers instead of standard packaging.

Reason 1: Poly Mailers Are Cheap

Poly mailers are much cheaper than boxes of a similar size. While boxes can cost $1.25 or more each, even if you buy in bulk, poly mailers usually cost only about $0.25 each when buying in bulk.

Reason 2: Poly Mailers Save Space

Boxes take up a lot of space, even when they're flat. Poly mailers, on the other hand, hardly take up any space at all. This means you can pack more parcels quickly and easily.

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Reason 3: Poly Mailers Are Easy to Use

Some people might think poly mailers are too flimsy, but they're actually very useful. Many online stores use them, including Amazon and Walmart. They're also easy to customize with your brand's logo or design.

Reason 4: Poly Mailers Can Be Customized

You can easily customize poly mailers with your brand's logo or design. This is much cheaper than customizing boxes, and companies like Stickermule and Ecoenclose can do it for under a dollar per piece.

What to Ship in Poly Mailers

Poly mailers are perfect for shipping soft, flexible items like t-shirts or hats. They're also great for lightweight materials like cotton, silk, or wool. Just make sure you don't ship rigid items that could rip the bag or hurt someone.

Where to Buy Poly Mailers

You an buy Poly Mailers in bulk from a supplier like EBPack. 

How to Ship Bubble Mailers

Bubble mailers offer more cushioning than poly bags, so they're great for shipping items like CDs or paperback books. They're also good for jewelry and some documents. Just be careful not to ship items that can bend or break easily.

Is a Mailer an Envelope, Thick Envelope, or a Package?

Australia Post classifies mail into letters and parcels based on size, weight, and thickness:

  • Letters: These include regular documents and small items that fit within certain dimensions. Typically, letters must be no thicker than 20mm and weigh no more than 500g. They also must fit into specific size categories, such as small (up to DL envelope size), medium (up to C5 envelope size), and large (up to B4 envelope size).
  • Parcels: Any item that exceeds the dimensions or weight limit of a letter is classified as a parcel. Parcels can vary significantly in size and weight, with different postage rates and options available depending on the parcel’s specifications.

These classifications help determine the postage cost and the way the item is processed and delivered.

How Can I Get Free Mailer Bags?

Aramex, Couriers Please, and other couriers in Austarlia offer free shipping materials for certain services.

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