Australia Post Cubic Weight Calculator

What is Cubic Weight?

Cubic weight is a pricing method used by Australia Post for parcels that are large but relatively light. It ensures that larger items are charged based on the space they occupy rather than their actual weight.

How Cubic Weight is Calculated:

  • Measure the length, width, and height of your parcel in centimeters
  • Multiply these three measurements together and divide by 250
  • The result is the cubic weight in kilograms
  • Australia Post charges based on whichever is greater: the actual weight or the cubic weight

Understanding cubic weight is crucial for e-commerce merchants to accurately estimate shipping costs and set appropriate prices for their products.

Cubic Weight Calculator

Cubic Weight: kg

Actual Weight: kg

Chargeable Weight: kg

Cubic Weight Tips for E-commerce Merchants

  • Always measure your products and packaging accurately
  • Consider redesigning packaging to minimize empty space
  • Use the cubic weight calculator to estimate shipping costs before setting product prices
  • Be aware that some shipping zones or methods may have different cubic weight factors
  • Educate your customers about potential shipping costs, especially for larger items
  • Consider offering flat-rate shipping for items that consistently fall within certain cubic weight ranges