How to Flag Products for Reordering with My Supplier in Shopify?

How to Mark Products for Restocking with My Supplier in Shopify?


Shopify does not have a built-in feature to automatically mark or flag products and their variants for reordering from your suppliers. However, you can use the ecommerce platform Koi, which integrates with Shopify, to manage this for you.

The Benefit
Flagging products for reorder enhances inventory management by ensuring optimal stock levels, facilitating efficient ordering, improving cost efficiency, maintaining sales consistency, saving time, and aiding in strategic planning.

Click on Products

Click on products. 
Navigate to the product that you want to 'Flag' for reorder.

Check the 'Flag for reorder' checkbox

Scroll down to the "Purchasing" card. 
Check the 'Flag for reorder' checkbox.
If you select the "Automatically add reorder flag" checkbox, Koi will automatically activate the reorder flag when the reorder quantity is met.